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Can I come and stay at your crib when they want me to die foreal? When they dont want to help me earn money?

WHen niggaz talk out ya ass when its bleeding. When the email provider accounts lie and act they rule your life with ficticious people. When Minted coin email sits in the email box and everybody in the fucken city start acting like they somebody you know? When all of a sudden all your experiences and documentation become invalid because you created an additional email account?

WHen all yal wanna look like various others that nobody knows, like you aspire to be someone mysterius stranger.. Do you know what hell is? That acting like werent in who you are, while everyone else eat as much possible, work the jobs thats its ok for them to work with out threatening their family to die for them to work.. ALl because people wanna act digital app is they matrix foreal..

I have not gained a real friend in almost 4 years. Jus like meeting various of people being the same people. Same people who act you suppose to run to them for help is same people who try to tear you down. Do you know what its like for someone to continue to act like you dont exist so some other male can be satisfied? 38 years of vagina and still not treated what tfuck i am. Wasting days away for any excuse for someone else to say applying for these stupid ass jobs cuz its recreational, waste of days. Police so fuckin noisey til its time to tell on what they know. How tf do you act like some one else account is a nother human being? People get mad me when its working for me to keep me alive, wake up so you dont lose feeling in your feet. SO your blood dont clot.. clouds. But when that shit hot, and no fuckin clouds are around.. random niggaaz who dont care say ya name in air cuz ya spent notes with they letters and notes on . Aint no coincidence.. Aligning bill collectors call tree with voices , like that shit is special..

I hate when I am not progressing, i hate being mistreated… I hate when im being honest and living in a lie environment that want me to align with other entities.. just to say i am them.. then you get all the same people doing the same things, being manipulated.. to accomplish somebodies else goal

Tell me how we go from them all telling on that essence magazine ad to lying today in the city trying to show variations of niggah exes like famous people.. WHOOO hired you to come by me? I Hate that with a passion..

You didnt want me to have a rest ful sleep last night for some other mysterious lier man.. What the fuck do you want?

Fast for the next few days with only liquids, juices and teas… and stop swiping ya cards.. Give social media a break … and then come talk to me foreal.

Having a whole lot of money without fear would solve 80% of my conflicts right now. WTF is an it.. ? Dont label something as vague as that.. when everybody can extra intellectually talk about all these different classifications .. and all those random acronymns.. when someone calls me an it, i jus say .. u was born out of it then..

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