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Do wanna hear the story of what last year was like this day at night /am? Almond Breeze and opposites…

Let me talk normal just for a moment, I was thinking about what being at a club would be like again. Partying, I wonder whats that like…

After a week of being interviewee, expressing who you are to others should be something we should be experienced with.

Like wake up to day,
Express who are you and why you do what you do.

And if you dont know, dont expect anyone else to know for you.

If I could say anything about the 5 last years… Surviving praises, uplifting, when their followed by cut down and diminishing.

Can you survive how others will treat you when some else/others starts to appreciate you.

I think thats a battle in itself. It shouldnt have to happen like that. though.


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