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If its that easy to lie a life or act like somebody dont deserve good. Then it aint worth working… dont ever make me feel like that, cause all these problems. Let someone else steal my ideas. Did you only want my cousin to die in surgery?

Seems like all they want anus joy or rectum joy.. in face

After everybody in the city wanted to act out training courses..

ANd then, Somebody really i liked in the past.. Dissappeared, and these variations of that wanna show.. They all started to act like the ex’s foreal. that shit is hell in itself, if yal think yal replace people.

HOw tf am i supposed to fix my credit if you tell all people/animals what i am doing? I bet you they making more money with yal tellin problems on somebody else.

If it was that easy to shut fb when we joined this as a united force… Imagine what it be like if we could focus on our family, and make our family a team.

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after they couldnt play bank of america anymore…

Seems like they always wanna tell all them millionaires.. a poor person dream so they can take yo idea. And not allow you to make money, cause they want you to be with a wack male who always gotta use the womens restroom play somebody

I dont have a problem with my image. ALways wanna play you remind me of…

error booboo bobby. lol

They stole my laptop after a real they story in vegas a few years ago… During Hacker convention.. right before a real concert for JJ. but nobody could nothing because of who was acting out my credit card.. when it was used. so they career went down the hole. My book, was stolen, and they love err/air voices that you hear was once they enemy with my product. Now its previous co-workers.. lol

. Enjoy .

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