< < September 17 2021> >

Took them two months to talk me about my last check.. and wanna talk about that laptop.. That laptop just like him….SOLD~~!

20 hours.. later.. after he done said the meanest share ever.. i spent someone i really love.

and so you tell kids what u think about them now.

and when they ask about the letter – E.. .say it stands for extortion.. Extortion is the practice of obtaining benefit through coercion.

whenever you gotta hear who gotta pass from your family before they pass, just for you to make money with different employers.. thats what it stands for.

And when them kids, why do you love her what you gone say?

and when they giving away variations of ya ex merged with ya actor friends…and wanna run down a list of all the movies yal done background in what you gone tell them?

and yes them males in dresses were pretty… with M’s on their head

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