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Allow me to express somethings with some photos of the past. I guess I need to make some new memories. Been on variation repeater for sometime and I am looking to evolve to the next part of this journey. I think its when you hear someone try to down play your value or create a flaw that you don’t have, is when you reach back in to the data bank to view all evidence of the past that some abuse or misuse, and sometimes we put down to move on from. Currently My mindset is set is looking at what the 20 years hold, so I am normally reserved. Transitioning from a point in life where the things of value that I want to do, may not be for me to do. I don’t mind expressing what the value is I wanted provide, this point in life makes has made me a more self focused. Which I definitely do deserve plus more. I could paint you a very colorful picture and story of the last 5 years which would lead you to ask, really? But as we embark on this day, I told myself I would type some of those thoughts I be thinking at night, aloud. Those private those thoughts that be on broadcast. (not the angry thoughts, but those be me too, until they filter it)

Evolution from the past growth past success, future goals, health wealth and progression.

What do you wanna do, what impact do you wanna make on the world. Do you just wanna hide a way with your love and create babies?

Do you want to advance in your career, meet alot of people, make a lot of money. Leave something that out lives you?

Do you wanna create your on community of people that come together and focus on the things you see valuable?

Do you like sales, giving back, buying clothes, talking to alot of people?

Do you truly know what a people need? And how to make them desire what they need?

Does your baby face get you in trouble? or still stuck in animal with the animal friends and things.

Do some days you feel extra thugged out?

Do you feel like you deserved to be some sunny and happy ? Or somewhere being recreational?

Ever wanted to know what this heard?

Creators of random words like “crank” lol

do you desire to sit and debate history and religions everyday?

Or do you just wanna be a kid when its time to get that headache pain, cause someone wants to sell cbd or make you food.

When looking for the amount respect… pardon me if i gotta act all hard.

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