Great Morning.

Great Morning world.

If i could describe some of the best parts of dreams… and having the proper diet to promote excellent brain stimuluation and awareness. I’d express the best part of the dreams is when you can connect to part’s of your past or learn in your dream. I know one of my old professors could express what its like to teach yourself in your sleep after you’ve study something while awake. I use to love when i got that mail. I would dream band class and having perfect pitch in my dreams. The one lady at the store, would take me back to middle school, and getting all that middle school learning in. Plus Yal kids was always outside, so i was learning what yal was teaching them throughout the day.

Fruits, veggies, water, minimum sugars..

Time.. if time is valuable and some want time back….what you would with your time if you everything went the way you plan/planned?

Donating blood, is it just like pee test?

They was about to show me Uncle over and over.. lol.

So i was thinking to myself.. What it was like to like scary movies genre person.. and that its left me with dreaming about resi evil movies at night.

I like cartoons because its better in the dreams

Mind Management… Sharing thoughts… We can share my positive thoughts as well.. since somehow my not so politically correct thoughts are broadcasted at random moments.

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