Now, Lets Focus On My Real Law Situation.

since yal focused on his car, and my ex’s… Lets focus on this law shit. I’m talking about the lawyer company thats the same name as the complex that got stores, that is focused my situation. Got a real time problem… i told myself… they so focused on being a reverse version of someone else that dont focus on real time. i said i wouldnt stress on stuff where people on wanted spotlight that they didnt focus on the fact that someone wanted to play was never them. Then you gotta worry about purple now…or only blood, or construction, or the mail being behind several days or weeks, so that other people can act out they agenda… Or that cuzin a trash dumpster for these companies, or food for the other companies… Or that we spent so much time paying Emergency ROom, that I know peoples parents who were hospitalized.

Mean while… they do have a lot of gas stations that are EXX focused.

Emmy noms over.. lol.

and i deleted that email…

plus.. the animals were going wild.. you ever seen animals cross speeding cars.

and you dont pay attention..

Its thursday so its share prep day.. gotta few more days of this share… so i was suggesting that it actually benefit me. When they talk about they… I be like… which THEY u talking about…

coin they?

star they?

Food they?

product they?

pee they?

period they?

bank they?

world they?

tv they?

god they?

animal they?

vacation they?


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