— The Goal Year 2022–

Saturday, January 17 2022

i wasnt going to tell them what be happening foreal. I guess somebody focused on my other eye… and know them feels real. somebody was punching me in my face.. and them other feelings centered lowered.. lol

on a serious note.. be feeling like i miss my privacy… Everywhere we once talked.. the Five- O cameras show up.. When ever someones Five O man thinks he’s period, its a problem foreal.

How many men wanna be your bloody period.

Menstrual Cycle men…

draws a picture of a NOSE… end it with the side of E

RA king. lol

ear… Unc would probably still be alive if his ear wasnt echoing off the top of them hotels..

when i pulled up in michigan for his funeral.. I was greeted along side a vehicle that was a classic vehicle simialar to a Volkswagen “Karmann Ghia”(drop top), which was what my uncle called me.. With a man inside that look like Colin K with 4 braids to the back, wearing fabric like the couch my uncle past away on..

Pardonme if I get real angry when I cant do anything on my stuff because yal wanna say its some of yal people. I remember her real crier..

How bout i delete the ein’s out of the tax calculation system so that we dont have to all act like those companies, where everybody show up Looking Like other people.. that ive worked with in variation.. from the past.. cause somebody snitchy

Well since we got investigators… naacp awards 2019 march 30 2019. we know what happened the after.

I got BreastFeeding Feed, instead of workout feed… What feeling was yal telling on.. Unlimited Babies, Breast Feeding.. Latch feedings… Milk from mommies bossoms.. Creamy Clouds, milky way.. Milk from not mommies breast.. B, for Breast. Breast Cap.

Candid photos of grown babies with bossoms in they mouth…

Bossoms distraction from the go brands problem and swoosh companies previous coworker shopper story

is that how you spell it.. – Boohzums.

How do those mens in those couples feel about them babies being on boosums for so long.. I’d be jealous.. #ijs

and the kids be massaging them things while they all grown and sipping..

Description of one of the photos –

*A mother does handstand by a tree, while topless, and 2 toddler kids nurse on open bossoms.. *

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