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well. im excited about that positivity..

everybody gone need to invest in life insurance in a minute… ( since my money was talking about that foreal)

if i had four kids… this what i’d raise them in..Entrepreneurship and also 4 critical professions..

how was i supposed to work for that company when they would make me feel all the benefits mail before i got them.

Look… i saw a meme that said (none my friends are rich that joined pyramid scheme a year later) … i was like wow.. probably cause they your friend. end thought. //Marketing// thats an old conversation in itself… // cuz my thought is… ive/we been making money off everyone else posting consistently on them free platform for years.


rewinding time with a persons mind is on a different level.

but guess what.. i think the company waiting on you to not post your ex, so they can talk about your ex… lol

throw a male in there… maybe you’ll be more than u are?

how i know someone didnt care.. when they paid me for funeral instead of breavement… and gave me someone foreal.

um ok, well give me my federal money back.. since they about to pass more laws for people with kids.. and we aint sexing foreal to get no kids.. and people want me to be male. but dont want me to work.

now that thats spent. and met galas over. more bills.

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