Now that the first part of this day over, maybe I can type something worthwhile….

I dont know why that only made me mad. Try buying that avalanche drink.. ((like 50 people had showed up drinking this one special energy drink…)) ((then the next day they all went and bought coffee…)) (( seems like they need energy … as an entrepreneur what can we do to solve this)) ((and then… there maybe other benefits for those particular selection of energy drinks))

My life matters.. and yours does too.. You aint of value if youre deceased.. you aint gotta make my shirt any bank letters.. i aint your food. you aint gotta burn up. if you a baby daddy and get that morning feeling, dont think of me… call your baby momma… If you gotta a dream, plan… apply action.. to resolution… ((PB>>anyletter))


The difference between assets and liabilities…

The main difference between assets and liabilities is that assets provide a future economic benefit, while liabilities present a future obligation. An indicator of a successful business is one that has a high proportion of assets to liabilities, since this indicates a higher degree of liquidity.

All that talk about solids, got me feeling like going on a liquid detox… My rear hurts. And also, Search Engine Optimization/ Adsense is working extremely fast. My photo show a whole faster than in the past.

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